Welcome from our Head of School

Sue-Ellen Lamb

  As the Head of Race Leys Junior School, a proud member of the Griffin Schools Trust, it is an absolute honour and pleasure to welcome you to our school website.   Race Leys Junior School was one of the first schools to join the Griffin Schools Trust and Race Leys is proud to be a vibrant and exciting school, where our Griffins are given wonderful opportunities to learn, develop and shine. Race Leys is built on the three Pillars of the Griffin Schools Trust which are: Proud Traditions, Wide Horizons and High Achievement.   Our commitment to providing children with a rich

News from Race Leys

Chance to Dance


Some of our Year 3 Griffins have been taking part in the Chance to Dance program in association with The […]


Photograph Day
Our photographer will be in school today to take children's photos.
Year 4 Trip- Sea Life Centre
Our Year 4 Griffins will be visiting The Sea Life Centre as part of their work on the Blue Abyss.
Half term
We break up for half term at 3.15pm. We hope that you have a safe and enjoyable break and look forward to the start of the summer term on 6th June.