Curriculum details

The children at Race Leys take part in an inclusive foundation curriculum, covering the creative arts and sciences. The interests of the children have been considered when creating this, along with providing children with a rich variety of learning experiences to develop their interests and knowledge of their world. This is in line with our value of Wide Horizons. These subjects are taught through topics and themes where possible by way of linking up learning and encouraging children to apply skills they have learnt in a variety of subjects.



  • The school curriculum will lead to great progress in all children through encompassing our value of High Achievement
  • The children will further develop inquisitive minds with a hunger for learning through experiences in line with the school’s value of Proud Traditions
  • The curriculum is broad and rich, whilst allowing children to learn concepts with depth, through our value of Wide Horizons


  • The curriculum is well taught through careful resourcing and robust Continual Professional Development for staff
  • It is thoughtfully designed assessment to ensure teaching and learning is tailored and appropriate
  • Learning is linked so children


  • Confidence that all children have the key learning and skills needed to be effective in their next steps in education
  • Children are curious and interested about the world they live in which they live. They ask probing questions and understand the value of learning