George Frouche Workshop

Years 5 and 6 are feeling very inspired this week following their motivational visit to Park Lane Primary. Upon arrival, the children were in awe as the met George Fouche – a rugby playing legend! George shared his life story and how his strength and values pushed him to overcome great barriers.

George delivers motivational speeches around the word through the company ‘Dare To Aspire’ and both staff and children alike were touched and mesmerised by George’s life. Especially when he shared that he was friends with Usain Bolt and Bear Grylls! As the children worked alongside George throughout the day, they reflected on their strengths and their aspirations for the future.

As usual the year 5 and 6 children made us proud, they conducted themselves in a mature manner and utilised this once in a lifetime experience. We would like to extend our thanks to Park Lane on behalf of the children and the staff for hosting us so graciously.