Mini Triathlon

We travelled to Reading with Park Lane to compete in our first ever Mini Triathlon on Friday. The free event was organised by the Triathlon Trust and the charity, Katie’s Legacy to provide children with the chance to experience the swim, cycle and run event in the beautiful surroundings of Queen Anne’s School. We began by having a briefing on the event before putting our bags into crates. Then it was off to the pool for the challenge to begin! We took our PE kit off at the poolside and then began the 500m swim, then it was out of the pool, quickly pulling on a t-shirt and trainers (still wet!) before running out the door to be handed a helmet and jumping on a bike. After a 1000m cycle, the bike was parked and the run began. 500 metres later, the athletes crossed the finishing line and received their medal brimming with pride. The team have gained valuable experience ahead of the Griffin Sports Festival Triathlon in September but also been inspired to try a new sport.