Science week 2018

We have had a fantastic week during science week. We started off the week by looking at a story called ‘The Sea of Tranquility’ and each Year group did some work based on the text. On Tuesday we had a visit from the Kinetic Theatre who put on a brilliant show all about Space, it was both funny and educational. We all did science investigations throughout the week and in Year five we made pom, pom solar systems and constellations – out of this world!
On Thursday we were lucky enough to have real-life scientists in school. They did an assembly all about the sun then there was a competition to paint the most realistic sun. Year 5 and 6 did workshops with the scientists looking at sun spots, magnets, made ultra violet bracelets and looked some looked at the sun through an adapted telescope.
On Friday everyone dressed up in space-themed outfits. Children (or rather parents) made fantastic efforts to come up with original outfits. Lots of learning has taken place and it has been a fun week all round.