Year 5 – Exploration

In Year 5 we have been learning all about Sir Ernest Shackleton. We started the term by writing adverts to entice new crew members to join the expedition to the South Pole. We then applied for jobs on board the Endurance by writing letters describing our best qualities and skills. We then had fun making our own lifeboats out of different materials; you may see some of them in 5BJ’s class assembly this Friday (2nd October). We then wrote some brilliant figurative poems using features such as similes, metaphors and personification – which really means acting like a human! We have really enjoyed the story of The Ice Trap and this week we are trying to get into the minds of the characters in the story. We are using drama to investigate how the men felt at certain points in the story so we can write diary entries next week.

And we have a visit by the Fire and Rescue service arranged for later in October. Let’s hope you all have fire alarms in your homes – they will be checking!