Year 5 – Gardening

Year five have been busy gardeners this half term. As well as a fortnightly visit to the local allotments to help with the sensory gardens, we have been sowing seeds ready to grow outside and planting and planting space seeds. Last week 5BJ, on their allotment visit, were lucky enough to meet the bee keeper who was there, checking the four bee hives. We didn’t get too close but we did see the trays that the Queen lays her eggs in, it was fascinating to see the bees swarming around their own hives. If they wander into one of the other hives the swarm will kill them, not very neighbourly!

As for the space seeds, we planted 200 seeds from two different coloured packets and labelled them Red 1 -100 and Blue 1-100. We have no idea which are the space seeds and which are not so it will be a surprise to all of us when the European Space Agency tells us at the end of the experiment. We have to record our results and send them off at the end of 35 days to collate with the other schools chosen to carry out this amazing scientific investigation. They are all growing well at the moment and our science crew are doing a fantastic job observing and recording results. This is all linked to our topic ‘Seed to Plate’ and hopefully our butternut squash seeds will make it to our plates. Lots to look forward to.