Year 5’s Exciting Start to 2016!

Since we started back, Year 5 have been reading the poem ‘The Highwayman’. We have been using our inference skills to really understand what is happening in the poem because there are some really tricky words such as ‘torrent’ and ‘casement’. After we really understood what the poem was about, we used drama to help us understand the characters better so that we could write a diary entry from one of the character’s perspectives. We used emotive language and even created some metaphors to really show the emotions, for example, “Whilst the Highwayman spoke, her eyes formed hearts as she slowly fell deeper in love with him.”

As well as all our fantastic Literacy, we have been continuing with our topic of space exploration. We have signed up to the fantastic Cosmic Classroom, where there is the opportunity to enter a competition where the astronaut Tim Peake will answer our questions about space. Watch out for our video on the school’s Twitter page asking our questions to Tim.