Year 6 Celebrating Shakespeare!

It was the national ‘Shakespeare Week’ at the end of March, which provided an opportunity for the children to be inspired by his stories, language and heritage. It was an especially important celebration this year as it was 400 years since his death.


We celebrated in Year 6 by spending the whole of the half term learning about Shakespeare’s life. We researched his childhood and career, and discovered that he was not only the greatest writer in the English language, but also a poet and actor, often referred to as ‘England’s national poet’. Using this information, the children wrote biographies. We then focussed on one of his most famous plays, Macbeth, and the children produced a variety of genres of writing related to this:

  • Letters from Lady Macbeth to her husband suggesting he commit murder;
  • A diary extract written by Macbeth, focussing on regret;
  • A sonnet (love poem) – Shakespeare wrote many sonnets to his family while he was working in London and they were at home in Stratford-upon-Avon;
  • A spell, in a similar style to the spell in the text recited by the three witches.

The children produced some insightful, dramatic and thought-provoking writing which is on display in the library and along the Year 6 corridor.

Please feel free to take a look!