Curriculum details

 At Race Leys, we use the Cornerstones Curriculum as a basis to our curriculum and tailor it to the needs of our children. With an aim of developing the holistic child, being of the upmost importance, we equip our children with the skills and personal qualities necessary to help them to lead a fulfilling and rewarding lives.


We are committed to providing a balanced curriculum, rich in knowledge, skills and meaningful experience. Our curriculum is broad, balanced, challenging and engaging.


It is very practical and offers many opportunities for children to access varied and exciting experiences to enrich their lives.


Our learning follows the sequence of engaging, developing and expressing. This allows children the opportunity to engage with their locality, go on trips enabling them opportunities to learn in different environments and engaging with visitors to the school. We aim to embed all our learning with the core subjects. Maintaining this focus we can ensure that the children have the opportunity to enhance these skills through a range of themes. These are carefully structured to give a balance of learning opportunities and draw on children’s knowledge and talents, to make links and find meaning in their learning.



We value the part that parents and carers play in their child’s learning and are committed to keeping parents informed regularly through updates on the curriculum and homework. This helps to ensure that parents are well informed to support their child’s learning.


Our schemes of work reflect the content and challenge of the curriculum and is taught with the consideration of the needs of all learners. Our curriculum is exciting and will inspire children to nurture a passion for learning.


In creating a curriculum that is bespoke to our school, we are raising aspirations and ambition so that our children are able to become independent lifelong learners and be ready to successfully compete nationally and internally with their peers.


To find out more detail about our curriculum please click here to visit our dedicated curriculum pages.